Friday, October 7, 2011

Pokemon of the Day 10/7/11

AERODACTYL! 1 word: BAD ASS. In the one episode an Aerodactyl was present, I was scared shitless. Derpina says that Aerodactyl is a Pokemon from the age of dinosaurs (wow, obvi.). It was regenerated from DNA extracted from amber (again, duh). It is imagined to have been the king of the skies. Can you imagine one of these things battling a Charizard for supreme ruler of awesome?! Yea...i just nerdgasmed.
Anyhoo, our gijinka today is Pete. Pete is completely paralyzed from the waist due to an accident involving a car and alot of rocks. His father, an inventor of children's toys, couldnt help but feel that he was responsible for little Pete's accident and spent many years trying to make it up to him. The Aerodactyl and robot dinos in the back ground were the result. Pete always wanted to grow up to be a pilot but being paralyzed that dream was short lived. By regenerating a live Aerodactyl and training it, Pete's father provided a companion to help Pete reach the skies he always dreamed of. The dino robots are prototypes that daddy dearest is currently working with. They are flying machines that may be used without the use of legs but there are still a few bugs.

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