Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today's pokemon is...
ABRA! If you have ever played any pokemon game, you will know that these are some annoying little fuckers. Unless you have a Master Ball or some mad Sleep Powder/Hyponsis skills, these bastards will always escape. According to Derpina, my pokedex voice thing, Abra sleeps 18 hours a day (like a cat, which i can't stand either). Observation revealed that it uses Teleport to change its location once every hour. In short, Abras are pretty much pansies. The gijinka today is a lil boy named Felipe. He suffers from narcelepsy and his parents have basically given up. He's young, being only 8, and his little Abra and him play together in Felipe's dreams. Hopefully, his narcelepsy will fade with age so that he may experience life like a normal child.

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