Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Little 10 Things About Me

1. I have red hair...obvi.
2. My favorite color is evergreen.
3. I have two younger siblings who are..well...different in their own ways.
4. My group of friends is so fantastic you can like us on Facebook and no...I'm not kidding.
5. I LOVE DOGS. Except mine...he's a gross chihuahua/sewer rat combination who is both stupid and stinky.
6. My body and I don't really get along. It likes to be all chock full of sicknesses that I can't just nap away
7. I was supposed to be born in 1970 because I BELONG in the 80's.
8. I'm an actress. I want to go to Ball State University and major in Theatre with a specialty in Theater Education. I want to work in a performing arts school in New York.
9.I LOVE Pokemon. You don't even know or understand. I don't care what you say I AM a Pokemon Master.
10. I believe in music the way some people believe in fairytales. It flows through me just like blood. It is my essence. It is Me.

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