Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Current State of the Union

Meatball Subs
Pokemon (Duh)
Meeting cute boys in Psychology =]

The New Looney Toons (I mean seriously, what the hell?)
Parents who just don't understand (yes, i know there is a flamingo in my car, his name is Paulo and he deserves you respect old man)
Growing up :(
Having to be UNBIASED in my opposing viewpoints for AP English

In case you haven't caught on, I'm kinda really sorta super opinionated. So when Mama Brown, my AP English teacher, assigned an essay for this week where we must objectively present both sides of an issue. So, not too bad, just pick something i'm not opinionated about. Just one problem...

It doesn't matter about how big or little or uncovered a topic is, I've got something to say about it. Can I always support what I have to say? NO. But I sure as hell have something to say.

I have chosen my topic as the controversial and adolescent topid of: SEX EDUCATION
Let me just answer your questions: No, i'm not a child molester, yes i am serious and no i'm not psychotically religious. I just think that we as teens are a little sick and tired of having abstinence constantly shoved down our throat. What if I don't get married huh? Die a virgin? Yea...not happening. Instead of constantly telling us what we  can't do, why not tell us something we can do? We're people too ya know. We have a right to do with our bodies what we please but a little guidance would be nice. Well...
Mom is yelling again. Better go study/attempt to memorize my lines for tomorrow

A Hormonal Train Wreck Waiting to Happen,

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